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Export G-code from Adobe Illustrator

This panel arose from a need to reduce the number of steps involved in generating g-code for machines that I create to reproduce drawings made on my computer using various techniques. All of the drawings get the finishing touches in Adobe Illustrator, but unfortunately, there was no way to export g-code from Illustrator. I always had to go through the added step of opening a program called Inkscape with the sole purpose of generating the g-code which my machines understand.

This solution not only solves my problem, but could help many other people as well. I hope that you find this tool as useful as I do.

Understandably, I cannot be responsible for any issues you might have when using this tool, but if you can make the code even better, I would love to hear from you.

To Install this tool "Export to G-code.jsx" to /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2018/Presets.localized/en_US/Scripts

To Access the tool inside Illustrator go to your menu File/Scripts/ Export to G-code

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g-code generator RGB.png

G-Code generator RGB Version

by Gunnar Rosen

This is a modified version of the panel with the following functionalities:

  • Different laser power settings for different path colors.

  • Different cutting speed for different path colors.

  • Updated GUI for smaller screens